Fix Olpair Paring with URL Resolver 100% Secure

URL resolver is a very good solution for File locker websites such as clicknupload, Dizilab, Gvideo, Zshare,…etc If you install this URL resolver on your kodi you can fix olpair easily.The URL resolver is giving its service from the background of kodi.The URL resolver will stop all kind of interruptions including olpair issues.
If you are using olpair on your kodi you must need the help of URL resolver. So we are going to give you the installation and updating steps of URL resolver.These steps will help you a lot in fixing the olpair on your kodi. Let me start the tutorial.

Fix Olpair with URL Resolver In Two Minutes

To fix olpair with URL resolver, you have to install the URL resolver on your kodi. If you had this URL resolver on your kodi, you have to update the URL resolver to get better performance from the URL resolver.
1. To start our procedure, you need to “Launch kodi On Your Device”
2. From the “Home Screen Of Your Kodi” you need to select the “Addons” option
3. In the top left of your screen, you will get “Package Installer Icon” to proceed our steps
4. Now you have to select “Install From Zip File”
5. Now you need to select “”
6. Now the “Addon” is installing so wait for some time
7. After few seconds you will get “Addon Enabled” notification
8. Now go back to the “Kodi Home Screen” and click on the “Settings” icon which lies in the top of your kodi screen
9. In the next step, you have to select “System Settings” option
10. Now you can see “Advanced or Standard” option you have to convert them to “Basic”
11. Now select “Addons” then right side of your kodi screen you will get “Manage Dependencies” option
12. Now “URL Resolver” would appear to you just “Select” that resolver
13. Now your URL resolver is starting its procedure to install on your kodi

This is the procedure to install or to update the URL resolver on your kodi. After getting this URL resolver on your kodi then it will resolve all your issues which are coming from the olpair and other servers. So use this URL resolver server and get its service from the background of the kodi.

When you want to update your URL resolver you have to follow the below steps.

• The procedure to update your URL resolver on the kodi you have to follow the same steps up to “12th aspect in the above steps”
• Then you have to choose “Update” option to start the update process
• Now chose the “Latest Version” to get updated URL resolver
• Now your “URL resolver is starting its updating procedure”
That’s it after few seconds your URL resolver ready to use on your kodi with updating content and latest features.
From this article, we are giving the steps to install the URL resolver. These steps will help you to fic the olpair on your kodi. If you unable to fix the olpair with URL resolver, you must install or update the URL resolver on your kodi.

https:// Pairing Process In Kodi

Today our topic is how to pair the https:// to your kodi addon. First of all, I would like to tell you something about the This is connecting the user device IP address and the IP address. After pairing both IP addresses your kodi addons can give the videos without getting any servers issues.

So, now the topic has turned to find the kodi stream authorization error fix (Working methods). Let me tell you the deep explanation of the With this procedure, you will no need to do any experiments after getting our team tutorial.

https:// Pairing Process With Easy Steps

The procedure which we are going to tell you now is https:// pairing process. From this information, you can know why should we pair our device IP address with the IP address. Let’s start the tutorial.

  1. First of all, you have to launch your kodi software on your device
  2. Try to watch a movie through any video addon
  3. But the video does not play as you wanted to watch
  4. It releases some servers list which is forcing you to click on them.
  5. From that servers list, you should select
  6. Now open a new window and type the URL in it.
  7. There you will find your device IP address just remember that IP address
  8. Now you have to solve the captcha and tick the box which says “I am Not a robot”
  9. Now click on the Pair option
  10. After few seconds you will get “Pairing Successful Notification”

Now onwards you can enjoy all your streamings through any video addon. But you must have to remember one thing is IP address pairing is not completed after one time but you should pair your IP address with the IP address for every four hours.

Why Should We Do Pair Our IP address With The IP Address

Actually, this is the problem which occurs from the users. Why because the users of the kodi are increasing very rapidly due its varied features. In the consequence of that the kodi addons unable to deliver the videos as user wanted to watch. To avoid this issue the kodi developers are joined with the and they introduced this procedure to get rid of servers list error.

Already you have got enough information about the procedure to pairing the with the Kodi device. So follow them and use this article well enough.


We included all the relevant information to the So only this article is enough for those who are searching to find the solution for not working issue.


Goliath d&d 5e stats (Dungeons And Dragons)

Goliaths are the native of the Toril’s mountainous regions and are the nomadic race of humanoids. Goliaths are huge. They stand between 7 to 8 feet tall. The color of their eyes is usually green or bright blue and sometimes glows a little.

The tone of their skin was brownish or grayish and they are very tough. Goliaths’ skin is covered by the dark patches. These patches are very symmetrical. Their belief is that their fate depends on these patches and is controlled by these. So, they never remove or cover these patches with tattoos as they think it may affect their future.

D&D Goliaths’ Personality

The main characteristic of the Goliaths is their competitiveness. They take everything as a challenge and track their accomplishments. Those often get annoyed who are not familiar with the psychology of the Goliaths as Goliaths remind them of the things that had happened again and again.

Goliaths like to beat their previous records as they feel satisfying by doing so. Goliaths are also very competitive with their companions.

Goliaths don’t live a long life as they often died while surpassing their own achievements. There are very few Goliaths who live to an old age.

The main aspects of the goliath dnd are trust and honor. Because of these aspects, it can be considered that Goliaths are not that bad. Goliaths are very daring and they have no fear of anyone and they love to explore.

D&D Goliath Combat

The tribes of Goliaths don’t do wars easily as they prefer to move away from the lands that are unsafe. It doesn’t mean that they are cowards; they only do this because they know that loss of life will have long-term consequences.

In case they are forced to take part in a war they will do that fearlessly. The circumstances in which Goliaths’ tribes can do war include being cornered or if their tribe members are kidnapped. When they are ready for war after distributing the weapons and choosing the war-captains, they become a very capable war-band. Because of their amazing hunting skills, they become very competent warriors. Young Goliaths whether they are male or female, take part in the war and infants and children are not expected to fight.

Goliaths used guerrilla tactics in the war. If they are aware that they can win, they still give their opponents chance by handicapping themselves.

Homelands of Goliaths

Goliaths don’t have a permanent land they usually walk away from one place to another after a month or so. Mainly, the most of Goliaths homelands are in the mountains ranges in northeast Faerûn. They don’t mind to mix up with other cultures.

D&D 5e Goliaths Traits

Ability Score Increase – Your strength and constitution scores increases by 2 and 1 respectively

Size – They stand 7 to 8 feet tall and weigh between 280 to 335 pounds.

Age – The lifespan of the Goliaths is same as of humans. In their late teens, they enter adulthood and hardly live more than 80 years.

Languages – Your character can read, write and speak Common and Giant.

How To Activate Windows For Free By Using KMSPICO Tool

To activate the windows you need to get the latest Key management service. The KMS tool will activate your windows without taking any paisa. In this article, I would like to tell you about that tool because with that specific tool only you can activate your windows for free of cost.

In this tutorial, we are providing latest and updated tool which only one can do change your windows from inactivation to activation. If your windows are on inactivated then you must follow the below steps and get a permanent solution to your issue for free.

But before we are going to install the KMSPICO tool we need to know its latest advantages for every windows user. Then why late just let into it to know the advantages.

Main Advantages Of KMSPICO Tool

It has versatile advantages, so every window user should use this tool to activate their windows for free.

  1. With this tool, you can activate windows office tool or windows office product
  2. By using the KMSPICO, you can activate Microsoft windows irrelevant of its version
  3. You can activate any version of Windows 10 from the group of versions of Windows 10
  4. While installing the KMSPICO, you need to disable antivirus software

These are some of the latest advantages of the KMSPICO tool. I hope now you have got an idea of what KMSPICO does.

How Can We Activate Windows For Free By Using KMSPICO tool

Now we are going to take the tutorial on How to get the kmspico office 2016 windows. Because it will activate your windows without taking any cost from you. Then why late let us start the downloading procedure of the KMSPICO tool.

  1. As we all know first of all we have to “Turn Off” the “FireWall” and also other “Antivirus software”
  2. Now visit the “Official site” of the KMSPICO tool
  3. Just click on the “Download” option to get this tool
  4. After few seconds you will get this tool as downloaded and now you have to “Install” this tool
  5. Click on the “Install” and check it on your “Installation Directory”
  6. In that directory, you can get “KMSPICO tool”
  7. Now just chose the “KMSeldi.exe”
  8. Now click on the “Anyway KMS” option
  9. Now a window will appear with the “Three Buttons”
  10. There you have to select “Red Push Button”
  11. After waiting for few seconds you will get “KMSPICO tool has Activated successfully”

This is the procedure to get the KMSPICO tool and it will activate any deactivated windows. This tool will be expired after 180 days and after its duration, you need to reinstall this tool for your windows.


In this article, we have mentioned all the latest and updated information about the key management service. Once you have installed the kmspico tool then automatically it will activate your windows for free. If you have any doubts about the tool you should have to read the above steps which are said about the advantages of it and installation procedure for it. Then why late just try this tool and get your windows performance is back.


Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character Sheet Pre Made

The dungeons and dragons game has been creating a sensation among the different role-playing games. This game had very much reputation in the present online market. For the result, the game is updating itself time to time. We have to talk about the character sheet before we going to the lengthy topic about the d&d 5e character sheet pdf. This game is all about for creating a character about your personal use. There were official character sheets also there. When you are not interested in the official character sheets you can create your own character sheet for your self. To know about the character sheets we are providing the pdf files here you can get them and you can know how the character sheet will be.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character Sheet

There are so many different character sheets available in the dungeons and dragons game store. You can get them from there. But when you want to use your own sheet for your own use then you have to create your own character sheet. It can be work what you told it. You Must follow the rules and instructions of the game to make your character experience and perfect. These character sheet had plenty of rooms to keep your character unique. You can know about your character where it is and what it is doing. This game is only for creating the character sheets only for that you have to know about the character sheets you have to see some pdf files then you may get an idea about the character sheets. In the below of this topic, we are giving some pdf files to you once check them and know about the game partly.

Different Pdf Files For D&D Character Sheets

The player has a chance to get different character sheets in the pdf form format. There are different character sheets are there. They are as follows editable character sheet, fillable character sheet, character generator sheet,.etc. These character sheets will help you to create a character and to play the game with interesting steps and adventurous moments. The different character sheets will available in the pdf format from the (pdf files site). There were so many character sheets pdf files. You can get them with free cost. These pdf’s gives you much experience about the d&d character sheets.


The character sheet is the essential thing to play the dungeons and dragons game. For that reason, we have given site names for you to get a different kind of character sheets. That sites will help you a lot to give a better information about the dungeons and dragons 5e character sheet pdf files. Then why late just go there through the link what we have provided in this article and get more character sheet pdf files.