Goliath d&d 5e stats (Dungeons And Dragons)

Goliaths are the native of the Toril’s mountainous regions and are the nomadic race of humanoids. Goliaths are huge. They stand between 7 to 8 feet tall. The color of their eyes is usually green or bright blue and sometimes glows a little.

The tone of their skin was brownish or grayish and they are very tough. Goliaths’ skin is covered by the dark patches. These patches are very symmetrical. Their belief is that their fate depends on these patches and is controlled by these. So, they never remove or cover these patches with tattoos as they think it may affect their future.

D&D Goliaths’ Personality

The main characteristic of the Goliaths is their competitiveness. They take everything as a challenge and track their accomplishments. Those often get annoyed who are not familiar with the psychology of the Goliaths as Goliaths remind them of the things that had happened again and again.

Goliaths like to beat their previous records as they feel satisfying by doing so. Goliaths are also very competitive with their companions.

Goliaths don’t live a long life as they often died while surpassing their own achievements. There are very few Goliaths who live to an old age.

The main aspects of the goliath dnd are trust and honor. Because of these aspects, it can be considered that Goliaths are not that bad. Goliaths are very daring and they have no fear of anyone and they love to explore.

D&D Goliath Combat

The tribes of Goliaths don’t do wars easily as they prefer to move away from the lands that are unsafe. It doesn’t mean that they are cowards; they only do this because they know that loss of life will have long-term consequences.

In case they are forced to take part in a war they will do that fearlessly. The circumstances in which Goliaths’ tribes can do war include being cornered or if their tribe members are kidnapped. When they are ready for war after distributing the weapons and choosing the war-captains, they become a very capable war-band. Because of their amazing hunting skills, they become very competent warriors. Young Goliaths whether they are male or female, take part in the war and infants and children are not expected to fight.

Goliaths used guerrilla tactics in the war. If they are aware that they can win, they still give their opponents chance by handicapping themselves.

Homelands of Goliaths

Goliaths don’t have a permanent land they usually walk away from one place to another after a month or so. Mainly, the most of Goliaths homelands are in the mountains ranges in northeast Faerûn. They don’t mind to mix up with other cultures.

D&D 5e Goliaths Traits

Ability Score Increase – Your strength and constitution scores increases by 2 and 1 respectively

Size – They stand 7 to 8 feet tall and weigh between 280 to 335 pounds.

Age – The lifespan of the Goliaths is same as of humans. In their late teens, they enter adulthood and hardly live more than 80 years.

Languages – Your character can read, write and speak Common and Giant.

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