How To Activate Windows For Free By Using KMSPICO Tool

To activate the windows you need to get the latest Key management service. The KMS tool will activate your windows without taking any paisa. In this article, I would like to tell you about that tool because with that specific tool only you can activate your windows for free of cost.

In this tutorial, we are providing latest and updated tool which only one can do change your windows from inactivation to activation. If your windows are on inactivated then you must follow the below steps and get a permanent solution to your issue for free.

But before we are going to install the KMSPICO tool we need to know its latest advantages for every windows user. Then why late just let into it to know the advantages.

Main Advantages Of KMSPICO Tool

It has versatile advantages, so every window user should use this tool to activate their windows for free.

  1. With this tool, you can activate windows office tool or windows office product
  2. By using the KMSPICO, you can activate Microsoft windows irrelevant of its version
  3. You can activate any version of Windows 10 from the group of versions of Windows 10
  4. While installing the KMSPICO, you need to disable antivirus software

These are some of the latest advantages of the KMSPICO tool. I hope now you have got an idea of what KMSPICO does.

How Can We Activate Windows For Free By Using KMSPICO tool

Now we are going to take the tutorial on How to get the kmspico office 2016 windows. Because it will activate your windows without taking any cost from you. Then why late let us start the downloading procedure of the KMSPICO tool.

  1. As we all know first of all we have to “Turn Off” the “FireWall” and also other “Antivirus software”
  2. Now visit the “Official site” of the KMSPICO tool
  3. Just click on the “Download” option to get this tool
  4. After few seconds you will get this tool as downloaded and now you have to “Install” this tool
  5. Click on the “Install” and check it on your “Installation Directory”
  6. In that directory, you can get “KMSPICO tool”
  7. Now just chose the “KMSeldi.exe”
  8. Now click on the “Anyway KMS” option
  9. Now a window will appear with the “Three Buttons”
  10. There you have to select “Red Push Button”
  11. After waiting for few seconds you will get “KMSPICO tool has Activated successfully”

This is the procedure to get the KMSPICO tool and it will activate any deactivated windows. This tool will be expired after 180 days and after its duration, you need to reinstall this tool for your windows.


In this article, we have mentioned all the latest and updated information about the key management service. Once you have installed the kmspico tool then automatically it will activate your windows for free. If you have any doubts about the tool you should have to read the above steps which are said about the advantages of it and installation procedure for it. Then why late just try this tool and get your windows performance is back.



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