https:// Pairing Process In Kodi

Today our topic is how to pair the https:// to your kodi addon. First of all, I would like to tell you something about the This is connecting the user device IP address and the IP address. After pairing both IP addresses your kodi addons can give the videos without getting any servers issues.

So, now the topic has turned to find the kodi stream authorization error fix (Working methods). Let me tell you the deep explanation of the With this procedure, you will no need to do any experiments after getting our team tutorial.

https:// Pairing Process With Easy Steps

The procedure which we are going to tell you now is https:// pairing process. From this information, you can know why should we pair our device IP address with the IP address. Let’s start the tutorial.

  1. First of all, you have to launch your kodi software on your device
  2. Try to watch a movie through any video addon
  3. But the video does not play as you wanted to watch
  4. It releases some servers list which is forcing you to click on them.
  5. From that servers list, you should select
  6. Now open a new window and type the URL in it.
  7. There you will find your device IP address just remember that IP address
  8. Now you have to solve the captcha and tick the box which says “I am Not a robot”
  9. Now click on the Pair option
  10. After few seconds you will get “Pairing Successful Notification”

Now onwards you can enjoy all your streamings through any video addon. But you must have to remember one thing is IP address pairing is not completed after one time but you should pair your IP address with the IP address for every four hours.

Why Should We Do Pair Our IP address With The IP Address

Actually, this is the problem which occurs from the users. Why because the users of the kodi are increasing very rapidly due its varied features. In the consequence of that the kodi addons unable to deliver the videos as user wanted to watch. To avoid this issue the kodi developers are joined with the and they introduced this procedure to get rid of servers list error.

Already you have got enough information about the procedure to pairing the with the Kodi device. So follow them and use this article well enough.


We included all the relevant information to the So only this article is enough for those who are searching to find the solution for not working issue.



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